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Chianti Bike Tour

Highlights / General details

The tour takes place in Tuscany, more specifically, in the magnificent areas surrounding Siena. There are, in fact, the most beautiful areas and also the most suitable for a cycling trip through Tuscany. From the seat of your bike, you will discover how Tuscany life flows slowly yet incessantly, creating a natural equilibrium among art, culture, and nature. Tuscany is paradise for a cycling tourist, who will be greeted by gently rolling hills embellished with winding dirt roads, curving pathways, vineyards, and shaded country roads. All of these splendors are framed by a surprisingly varied landscape where you will be able to discover abbeys, rural churches and castles. Ours is an easy tour with only a few brief inclines in the foothills of the Montagnola Senese. The landscape is characterized by the deep red earth, and alternates between fields of sunflowers and vineyards, and is punctuated by ancient castles and medieval hamlets. Many panoramic views allow you to see all the way to San Gimignano, overlooking forests of beautiful Italian oak and corbezzoli. The tour is crowned with a visit to the splendid medieval for tress of Monteriggioni.

At the outset of our tour, we immediately take a country road that brings us to a mill, still powered even today by the force of the water from a nearby spring. We limit our contact with vehicular traffic, traveling typically on “strade bianche”, other country roads, and even parts of the ancient Francigean Way. Our tower takes us through a small hamlet then leads us to a magnificent medieval village. From there, the towers of the fortress as well as the towers of San Gimignano will be able to be seen in the distance.

Next, a short ride leads us to the base of a castle, and along the way you will be immersed in historical scenery such as the beautiful Abbey and Monastery of Badia a Isola. The name itself indicates that in the past a lake surrounded the monastery, although it has now dried up to reveal the deep red, iron-rich soil that is characteristic of the area and further enhances its beauty. At this point we immerse ourselves in the forests of the Montagnola, along an ancient road, which for centuries has seen caravans of pilgrims pass along the Francigean Way towards Rome. In these forests lives the Sienese pig, and the resident pheasants bring the edges of the forests to life.

Now all that is left is the climb up the Mountain of Soldiers, which guarded the border of the Republic of Siena, before we enter the fortress that made such a lasting impression on the poet Dante. Here we will have the chance to refuel ourselves with a cappuccino and some typical Sienese sweets, or even possibly by tasting a glass of wine and a nibbling piece of pecorino cheese.

The route to return to Siena can be shortened or lengthened depending on the cyclists remaining energy. There will be many more opportunities for breathtaking photos with the castle as a stunning backdrop, perhaps between the leaves of the vineyards, or possibly in the middle of a field of grain that sways like the sea moved by the wind, or even amongst the golden petals of sunflowers. The route is very easy and is suitable for all those who have a minimum amount of confidence on a bicycle and who, above all have the desire to experience the scents of the forests, hear the birds songs, and also feel the Tuscan breeze by retracing part of the pilgrims ancient route. The few inclines during the tour are brief and can also be enjoyed on foot.


Pick-up from accommodation, Expert English escort, Mountain bike and helmet, Itineraries that emphasize history, nature, wine and local cuisine, Drop-off.



Hours of operation

Available: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (April - October), Departs at 9:00am.


Approximately 4 hours.

Participant restrictions

Not suitable for children 0-8 years old.


Guests are requested to be ready for pickup 15 minutes before departure time.

**All information requested must be supplied or booking is subject to automatic cancellation**

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