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Financial Crisis Tour

Highlights / General details

Learn about the financial markets in context of the recent Financial Crisis. This important historic event was seen first-hand by the tour’s founder who was a Vice President at a major investment bank managing a $1 Billion CDO trading business. CDOs are the securities that the media termed “toxic assets”.

Guided by Wall Street insiders, you will explore world-famous financial landmarks such as the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve, and Wall Street. While meandering the narrow, winding streets of Lower Manhattan, you will hear exclusive stories from “inside the trenches” that will entertain, inform and shock you!

Tours have appeared in news and on television globally including CNN, BBC, Reuters and The New York Times. In addition, these tours were filmed for Oliver Stone's Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps movie DVD Feature. The Wall Street Experience aims to demystify and personify Wall Street through personal interaction and storytelling of firsthand experiences. Bring your camera and your questions.

Hear the events of the financial crisis and how some traders made billion dollar profits while some banks collapsed!

What is it like being a Wall Street Trader? Learn about the trading culture and lifestyle.

Discover the Financial District's rich history, architecture and trivia. See the skyscraper race within the concrete jungle.

What is a (CDO) Collateralized Debt Obligation? What is a (CDS) Credit Default Swap? How were they able to destroy financial institutions around the world?

What really brought down Bear Stearns, Lehman and AIG? Hear first-hand accounts of their final days from an insider.


Stops include New York Stock Exchange, Federal Hall, AIG, House of Morgan, Trump Tower, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Merchant Exchange, Federal Reserve, Charging Bull, Trinity Church and more. NYSE is closed to visitors. This is mostly an outdoor walking tour with a chance to go inside a few stops.


Guided Tour.



Hours of operation

Available: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday; Departs at 10:00am.


Approximately 2 hours.


Departs from outside the front entrance of 15 Broad Street (this is across from the NYSE) and ends at 33 Maiden Lane at the Federal Reserve.

Additional Information

This is mostly an outdoor walking tour with a chance to go inside a few stops.

Participant restrictions

Children under age 15 participate for free.

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